Visibility on the Internet as a Trending Topic on Social Media

It is a common belief that the Internet is everywhere. At least, for most people in developed countries where 10 MBPS is considered slow, the world ends where there are no Internet connections. Sadly, this view of the world defines the digital divide.

There are a lot of Internet websites. In fact, there are hundreds of millions of websites and the number keeps growing exponentially. Among the factors fueling this explosion are Internet marketers, bloggers, and experts with information to share. There are websites dedicated to like; and there are websites for a lot of other things. An example of these typs of users who have gotten a lot of traction online is a search engine optimization expert like this .

Positioning is Key

Having good positions on search results has become the main focus of a lot of sites. However, with the which Google has been releasing, it seems that the only real way to get good placement on search engine results pages is to have a good quality website and interesting web pages and content.

The concept of a usable Internet search is something that Google has been working on for quite some time now. They have succeeded in their own goals. This has also been a disruption for Internet marketers as well as for various experts in the field of .

In terms of a disruption, it means that experts can now be defined as those who have kept up with Google and have continuously been getting good results regardless of what updates are released by the search giant. It also forces Internet marketers to stop gaming the system. The penalties, which Google has given out, may seem harsh as these include outright exclusion from indexing as well as from search results.

The future of the Internet is not uncertain. The exponential growth is expected to continue and does not seem to slow down soon. What is uncertain is the shape the next stage of growth will take. Google and other search engines have evolved, and there are now sites that compare look-a-likes, instead of exact searches. The various social media as curating sites as well as indexing and bookmarking sites seem to be coalescing into one amorphous mass. This may be bad news for some, but it could be good news for a lot of users. This is an opportunity for Internet marketers to present their products and services as a link in social media, and as important parts of Web 2.0.

These developments are also pointing towards the possibility that social media will be search and that search itself becomes social media. Right now, trending topics are being used in various social media to gauge sentiments as well as interest on news stories. It should be no wonder that these new developments will continue, and will be assimilated in search as the search giants define it.