The Surveillance Issue and Internet Anonymity

Ever since the birth of the first net forum, Internet anonymity has been a standard to online world. Every day, people create new Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit accounts for the sole purpose of commenting as a random user. However, this freedom of speech also came with massive costs that affected people in the real world. Cyberbullying has become a and doesn’t seem to be subsiding. Inflammatory comments and even death threats have become the reason why so many people are supporting the idea of better online security. However, how much can we really take when it comes to government surveillance?

The Current Status of the NSA Leak

It’s been a couple of years since Edward Snowden went to bat and leaked quite a number of government implicating documents that showed the world how deep the NSA could go. As it stands, there are still a number of documents, which are on stand-by, but a lot of them can cause major damage to the United States and their reputation.

At the same time, there were startling revelations, which told of a bigger collaboration between governments and even ISPs. The British government was revealed to with the purpose of breaching fiber optics and capturing communications. One of the latest updates regarding the leaks even included rumors of ICREACH, which is a search engine containing the metadata from millions of intercepted content from calls and emails.

How it Will Affect Internet Anonymity

As it stands, anyone with a Facebook page, email account, and online identity have probably been subject to illegal surveillance and data theft. The frightening thing here is that this will inevitably force users with sketchier intentions into the deeper parts of the web. From there, catching those with negative intentions may become impossible because the Dark Web is un-indexed making it almost impossible to track any one user. While a majority of users will be watched, the more dangerous types will find newer and newer ways to hide from prying eyes.

The Real Problem

The Internet at large is taking positive strides when it comes to visibility. Anonymity holds almost no value in the mainstream net and people are generally keeping things clean and tidy. The real problem lies in the lengths those secret service agencies are willing to take. They collect information without method and discrimination, and that is a huge invasion of privacy. Even something as innocuous as a search for alkaline water machine reviews found at  can be collected and that ultimately seems like something the NSA doesn’t need. At the same time, users on the Internet are largely ignorant about what is happening, and could care less about how illegal these activities can get.

The Solution

There isn’t one way to deal with the issues of surveillance. On the one hand, it can be used to intercept real illegal communications, but on other, it’s aimed at the wrong crowd. Rather than preventing any crime and danger from occurring, cyber-bullying and death threats still exist.

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