The internet marketing sphere becoming more and more saturated each and every day. Because of this we as online markers are having to become more and more savvy when choosing our niches and markets.

The glory days of easy markets and steep earnings with minimal work are over.

One thing is for sure; we have to hustle.

It’s no longer enough to throw up a basic WordPress install and hire a few writers from oversees to write 15 articles for you. You can’t just throw up 15 mediocre – or even good – pieces of content these days and expect to succeed.

No, simply having “good” content is no longer enough. Our content needs to be great. And so does our content marketing.

But this post won’t be covering those topics in depth. Instead I’ll be discussing another (equally) important task for today’s internet marketer – choosing the right niche.

Even if you do everything else right – you’ve created some great content and have established a rock solid content marketing strategy – all of your efforts could be for naught.

That’s because some markets have gone beyond their saturation point. They aren’t just well covered, they are boiling over. They are overfilled with highly qualified industry experts that have deep enough pockets to hire the best content marketers in the industry.

Some battles are best left for others to fight.

What can you do then? The obvious answer is to choose a great niche.

And that’s what we’re all after.

3 Ways to Spot Growing Markets That Offer Big Opportunity

To find a suitable niche you want a look for a market that is a.) not over saturated with content and b.) Is not showing a huge decline in interest and is ideally a growing market.

Below are a few methods to find growing markets.

We’ll focus on researching the aromatherapy and essential oil market, which happens to fit a lot of the criteria that I’ve discussed so far.

Google Trends

The Google Trends tool is a simple and effective way to analyze a market for growth.

You can browse the front page of to discover markets that are featured right now, or explore and do some digging of your own.

The image above is a graph from Google Trends analyzing the search term “essential oils” which shows a clear spike in interest over the past couple of years.

Keyword Research

Once you’ve found a potential niche you should analyze many of the keywords in that niche. There are a variety of tools to do this such as the MOZ Keyword Difficulty Tool and SEMrush.

To find more keywords there is a handy website simply called that you can input a seed keyword and they will give you dozens of related keywords that are being searched daily.

Competitor Research

Now that you’ve found some keywords, Google them.

To continue with our essential oil example we’ll do a quick search in that niche. Using we’ve found the term “essential oils for sinus infections” which according to SEMrush gets 1,600 searches a month. After Googling the term I found “5 essential oils Based Remedies for Sinus Infections” near the top of the results.

Next I plugged which I found this post on into Moz’s Open Site Explorer to analyze it’s authority

The results were both surprising and reassuring. This site which is ranking high for this essential oil based term must be very new and has little to no authority credited to it yet.

This niche is looking pretty promising so far. I’d recommend doing many more similar tests before you decided to create a website in this space though.


There you have it. A few ways to boost your niche research. Happy hunting!

If you liked this post or have any questions please let us know in the comment section below.


There are various different ways to promote a business and the Internet is a vital part of that. If you own a boutique hotel, you need to learn how to use the Internet to your advantage and attract more guests. With so many competitors on the market, you need to do everything you can to stand out from the crowds.

Social Media

These days, all businesses should be on social media. Your online profiles shouldn’t just be left to gather dust once created; you need to regularly update them with fresh and relevant content. Each social media platform will have a different kind of user, so make sure your content is appropriate for the chosen platform.

By making sure you keep posting new content you can help to broaden your customer base and reach a wider market. People searching for hotels love to read reviews, so make sure your hotel can be found on relevant review websites. If you receive any negative reviews, make sure you respond in a positive manner. If a customer is dissatisfied, don’t ignore it, acknowledge their feelings and try to repair the situation.


Press opportunities are a great way of getting the word out about your hotel. Having a PR department can help you attract the attention of media organizations and pitch stories about your hotel. Getting the word out on a reputable platform can have a big impact on your business.

Take this case for example, the , a boutique hotel in Jesmond, was able to attract a great deal of attention by featuring on a local news site. Their press release included information on the hotel’s recent renovations and their pet-friendly policies. It was a big hit in the local community and garnered a great deal of interest. It’s the perfect way to generate more bookings.


Websites like can be a great way to get the word out about your hotel and bring in some fresh reviews. People are attracted to a good deal, so if you feature on a discount site you have great chances of bringing new bookings in.

Don’t offer discounts you can’t afford and stick to the low season when you need people the most. Make sure you charge extra for higher value dates and times, such as weekends and big holidays. That way you don’t lose out on higher earnings.


SEO is a vital part of online marketing and should be applied to any businesses, including boutique hotels. No matter where you are based, you need to make sure people can find your hotel when searching the area. By using SEO strategies you can ensure your business is reaching the right people.

Make sure you include relevant keywords on your website that will help the right guests find your hotel. In the above case, the Rosebery Hotel included a section on being dog friendly. Pet owners looking to take their dogs on holiday will be looking specifically for pet friendly hotels, so by targeting those keywords you can help the right guests find your website.

There are various marketing strategies out there and it’s important to apply these to your business to ensure your boutique hotel stands out from other hotels. These strategies can help to attract attention from the right people in order to improve your bookings.


Cycle Junkies, with a homestead in Las Cruces, is now hiring strictly .  The small business which sells bikes, bike parts and bike repairs has been around since 2000.  The company is making an effort to drive sales through , social media and hire some administrative professionals as well. Since the company operates outside of a small office with garage attachment, they have decided in lieu of renting office space, they will hire only off the internet.  Mainly, they need website designers, social media managers, administrative assistants and cold calling salespeople.  If you think that you have a knack for any one of these jobs, do yourself a favor and head on over to their website.

If you do decide to apply for a job, it might help you to know a bit about their history.  Cycle Junkie’s CEO, Brad Wurtz, lost his friend Billy Fishman to a terrible cycling accident.  His friend was doing his usual ride at night and his tail lights burnt out, causing him to be struck by a driver who could not see him.

Since that day, Brad was changed forever and went out to build the longest lasting bicycle taillight on the market: the Billuminator.  That one product has made Mr. Wurtz’s net worth about 2 million dollars, which isn’t a bad paycheck for bicycle tail lights and probably also helped to save a lot of lives.  The Billuminator bicycle tail lights have been tested over and over again and remain on, on its highest wattage setting, for 7 hours.  That is approximately 4 hours longer than the next leading brand and excellent for long rides.  The Billuminator was also extremely innovative as it was the first bicycle light that was also charged by a USB port.

Not only is Cycle Junkies hoping to take sales to the next level on their taillight, but Mr. Wurtz has apparently created the prototype for his light technology to be built into the back of , helping again to .  Although Cycle Junkies themselves have never released a helmet of their own, it is still unclear whether or not the helmet will be of their own design, or if the light will be engineered into another brand’s helmet.  Regardless, every salesperson is sent the latest designs of all products because the board of Cycle Junkies believes the best way to sell the product is to know and use the product.  This could be an excellent opportunity for any internet professionals who are cyclists, as who knows what kind of merchandise you will be able to score!

We love to let you know who is in need of internet professionals and have built our reputation on that.  This is why we were given first-hand knowledge of the hiring happening at Cycle Junkies.  Be sure to get in touch with them as soon as possible, because they will be opening their search world-wide starting early next week.  Please get in touch and let us know if you have any leads on New Mexico based businesses hiring internet professionals.


Hi guys I’ve just been spending tons of time with some local business clients’ ‘About Us’ pages and thought I’d come here to show some thoughts and common issues I saw. We all know that the about page is one of the most important pages to establish trust and get the customer to take action so it is alarming to not only see the number of local businesses without these pages but also to see just how bad some are.

For example, we saw a local accountant that had an about us page that was nothing more than a phone number, address and small photo of a Google Map location. Another example is of a local dentist who had an about us page that was nothing more than 3 photos of the dental office and their phone number to make an appointment. These are just two examples of unacceptable about us pages. People search for these services online and they will never hire someone with this type of about page.

What do you think is required on an about page? Here’s what I think is the perfect setup of an about page to establish trust and get the sale.

Affiliate Yourself With Industry Experts

I have a client who runs and so I’d like to use their about page as an example of what we did to help them. Sound good?

Okay so first off you can find the and open it up in a separate window to follow along.

So how did we help them affiliate with industry experts? First thing to figure out who are the industry experts. With this industry – pressure washers – they are the brands like Briggs and Stratton and Karcher. So we immediately knew it was going to be hard to get any sort of mention from them on their website so we went for Facebook and Twitter. We noticed was quite active so we simply started talking to them on Twitter and got them to retweet a tweet. This interaction enabled to say we have been shared by Briggs and Stratton on social media. Then we did the same with Karcher. Perfect! Now we can truthfully affiliate PressureWashr with the big brands.

State How Your Website Will Help The Reader

Next thing to make sure is on an about page is how your site intends to solve the user’s problem. So for our pressure washer buying guide website it would be: to help you find your pressure washer quickly. Usually you’ll want to put this part at the very beginning so the user knows your website is the correct site for them.

Direct The Reader To Your Top Pages

At some point on your about page you want to steer the reader to the best pages on your website. This allows them an easy next step. You could put this as a call to action at the bottom of the page or after you tell them how your website will help them.

Talk About Yourself And Why The Reader Should Care

Most people think this section is the only section of an about page. Yes, a person would like to know who you are but they also want to know how you will help them and that your site is to be trusted. When talking about yourself be sure to show credibility. PressureWashr does this by stating the writer is a mechanical engineer and has experience designing pressure washers. This is good but I also think they should had some exact figures like: spent 7 years designing $200,000 industrial pressure washers with 10 GPM and 10,000 PSI for use in the mining industry…. or something like that. .

Add Social Proof And A Call To Action At The Bottom

Social proof is huge because people always trust sites that other people trust. If your local news keep quoting the NY Times then you’ll probably trust NY Times in the future. Same thing for your website. Try to show readers that you have 100s of comments, 100s of Twitter followers, 100s of ‘Likes’ on Facebook and so on. Find a way to get people to say something about your website and then include it as a testimonial. Use your analytics to tell people how many different countries have visited your website. You get the idea?

So yeah, that’s some of the advice I can give on making a better about page. What do you think? Do you agree?


You can use forums and get ideas there is you want to find out the best information for painting your home walls.

Painting your house can be a very daunting task. You might not be the one doing the actual painting, but you still have to come up with the best paint design. If not, you have to select from the choices available. Well, you can make it simple by going for traditional colors like white and beige. It looks classy and elegant, without going over the top. If it works well for you, then go for it. However, you don’t have to stick with the usual colors and design if you don’t want to. There are a lot of ways to go over the top or outside the box if that is what you feel like doing.

If after some time you still failed to see the , then it is best to just go online and look for ideas. However, instead of browsing the usual websites and blogs for photos, you can go for forums.

Using forums to get ideas

The best thing about is that you just don’t see the photos. You also get to interact and see things in the perspective of ordinary people like you. They will show photos that are perfect for you. They will also help you how to get that particular design that you wanted. For instance, they can recommend people who can do the job. They can also recommend DIY tips. They can recommend the best paint sprayers or other methods you can use to finish the wall paint. For sure, as soon as you finish joining the interaction, you will land with a good choice.

Be careful too

Although there are tons of advantages in using forums, you also have to be careful. It is not easy to rely on strangers for help. They might not give you the kind of help you deserve. You might be confused even more. Thus, it is best to take information with a grain of salt. You have to widen your readings and not just stick with one review. You can also see discussions and see which information is more believable.

Starting your home painting

You have a lot of options on how to make your chosen wall paint come to life. You can seek for professional help if necessary. If you don’t want to spend a lot, you can use a paint sprayer. For more information on the best paint sprayer, read more about . To be specific about paint sprayer reviews, read about the model.

When you have bought the right paint sprayer, you can now start decorating your home. You will then be glad with the results. Just take time to read some more comments and threads in the forum and you will be happy with how everything will turn out to be. You can also start your own thread if you have specific questions that need to be answered. Just wait for responses from them.


There are so many types of internet businesses you can get yourself involved with. Whether the business is based off the most popular online business models revolving around affiliate marketing or drop shipping, the most important thing is obtaining targeted traffic. Without targeted traffic from people interested in what you have to offer, you won’t have much success in running and growing your online business. However, with proper search marketing techniques, you’ll be able to drive tons of targeted traffic to your website. And in this article, we’ll teach you some of the techniques many use to help them in the initial phases of beginning a search engine marketing project.

There are two types of search engine marketing. One being search engine optimization (SEO) and the other, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Also, depending on the type of business you’re operating, there are 3 types of places you can show up (refer to the to the image below). 

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising: This is where you bid on the price you’re willing to pay for a click to your website and depending on the industry you’re in, this price can be pretty steep.
  • Local 7 Pack Listings: This is generally more of a concern if you’re running a local business.  techniques will be able to help you optimize for the 7 pack.
  • General Search Results: This is where most online businesses will show up if they’re properly optimized for search engines.

The Process

The process for any type of search engine marketing strategy begins with keyword research and analyzing the competition. In Google’s Keyword Planner tool, it’ll tell you the approximate price per bid for the keywords if you were to run a PPC Campaign. It’ll also show you the type of competition you’ll be up against if you were to bid for that keyword. However, this information is ONLY important if you’re planning to run a PPC campaign. If you’re planning to run an SEO campaign, the competition and suggested bid columns have no relevance.

The only reason to use the Keyword Planner tool for an SEO project is to get an idea for search volume. This will help you put your money into optimizing for keywords that will drive a substantial amount of traffic to your website.

SEO Competitor Analysis

To analyze the SEO competition, I’d recommend that you download the Moz Toolbar for your browser. This toolbar will show you domain authority(DA), page authority(PA), and backlinks to websites that show up in the search results.

You then want to look up some of the keywords you found using Google’s keyword planner. Type them into Google and observe their DA,PA and backlink count. A website with a much higher domain authority, page authority, and backlink count than your website will require more work to surpass in the search results than a website with a low DA,PA and backlinks.

So this will give you a good idea of how many links you need to build to your website and approximately where your site stands comparatively in terms of overall authority online.


Having a strong foundation in SEM will undoubtedly help you really grow and push your business to the next level. And with this guide, you’ll now be able to find high value keywords, and perform a competitor analysis to help you determine which keywords you should go after and target.


In this age of technology, the Internet is already a part of the everyday life of many people. There are so , including shopping. Almost every product and services that you can think of is available on the Internet, which is why many users decide to do their shopping on the web. Online shopping has its pros and cons, which we will go through in this post.

Pros of Shopping Online

Online stores are available 24/7. You can do your shopping in the middle of the night or anytime it’s convenient for you. There’s also no need to travel from one store to another, which will save you time, effort and gasoline. As long as you are connected to the Internet, you can compare products easily to find the best option for you. Say for instance you’re looking for a planer/wood planer; you can by comparing the product details, as well as reading product reviews. These reviews are important as they could help you in making the best decision for your purchase. Another advantage of online shopping is that you’re not limited to your locality. Since you can connect to anyone in the world, you can purchase products coming from other states or even countries, as long as they offer delivery to your area. You need to be mindful of the shipping cost though. Moreover, there may be products that you need that are not available nearby. Chances are; you could easily find them with just a simple search on the web.

Cons of Shopping Online

While shopping on the Internet has several advantages, it also comes with some drawbacks. It’s important to learn about them so you know what you would be dealing with and so you can prevent potential problems from happening. One of the drawbacks of shopping online is that there’s a possibility that you would be scammed. This is why it’s important to take extra measures when dealing with sellers online and to purchase only from trusted sites and vendors. Also, you can’t see or test the product until it’s delivered to you. There’s a possibility that it may not actually be the item you’re expecting. Make sure to read on the details and know more about your options as much as you can. Say you’re looking for an angle grinder; you could options on review sites like the one on the link. Again, this could help you in making the best decision so you can get the product that you need. While you can save on your gasoline as you don’t have to drive to the local store, you may need to pay a shipping fee. Terms on shipping fees vary from one site to another so make sure to read the terms properly and ask for questions if not clear. Moreover, if you receive a defective product, it could take time before the replacement would arrive since you need to have the original item sent back first.

Shopping online has its good and bad side. Weigh your options and for you.


Over the years, users of the Internet have been exposed to a multitude of things that attract or repel them. Interesting content certainly attract Internet users while ads tend to solicit the opposite reaction. Ads for products like diet pills, in particular, are instinctively avoided by most of the more experienced web users. Even those who could actually make use of diet pills don’t react positively to the ads for these products.

For someone selling products online, how is this issue addressed? What are the things that need to be done? The following pointers should help.

Link Injection

One of the most effective ways of selling a generally undesired product is through subtle suggestions presented as links within blog posts, articles, or PR-like materials published online. When injected in a relatively useful and informative article, a product often disregarded because of the idea that it is useless or a scam can be noticed. People will consider clicking on the link even just for the sake of curiosity. A banner that sells or hcg injection kit, for example, will easily be ignored compared to having it as a link within an article.

Social Media Marketing

By now, social media marketing has already become commonplace. However, it remains effective in at least raising product awareness. Social media users rarely use ad blockers and in most cases they are the ones more easily swayed by marketing campaigns. Compared to plain banner or text link advertising, social media marketing can more effectively bring a product to more people’s awareness. You can make use of all your social media options or you can just focus on one that is .

Viral Marketing

Associate your product with viral media or content and you can be sure that your target audience will not easily ignore your product. Advertising or hcg diet pills, for example, using a viral video of an irresistibly funny prank is bound to reach more audiences and create greater impact. The good thing about viral marketing is that it can cross boundaries. It can be spread by bloggers, shared on social media, and even be on the news and freely aired on TV. Moreover, many viral videos or photos tend to be evergreen. They will stay online and remain interesting or entertaining even after many years.

All of these, however, do not mean that you can just sell whatever you like and succeed in doing it as long as you pick the right marketing method. It’s important to emphasize that the quality and relevance of the product being sold greatly matter. Don’t expect to sell trash simply because you successfully launched a viral video related to it. You still have to have a good and quality product first. While the Internet is mired by all kinds of useless things, it’s not right to do what every other unscrupulous marketer does. You have to do it the legit way.


To prepare your company for you need to assess the usage rates of your business communications. Specifically, you should consider how many people are on the phone at the same time during your busiest hours. The answer to this question will determine how many channels you will need. Remember, SIP trunks allow for quick and easy scaling, so you may add or remove channels as needed, if you under or over estimate. You can also decide which method to purchase SIP services. Some organizations may benefit purchasing a set number of trunks while others would benefit from a set number of minutes.

Network considerations that must be examined include total available bandwidth, Quality of Service (QoS), and firewalls. Upgrading your Internet connection may be necessary to ensure sufficient bandwidth to carry UC on top of typical Internet usage for your company.

Use the following simple equation to determine the necessary bandwidth to support your calls:

(number of concurrent calls at your company’s peak) x 85kilobits per second = bandwidth in Megabits per second (Mbps) needed for calls

Equally important to bandwidth is QoS. QoS prioritizes your voice traffic and ensures that your phone calls are going to get the bandwidth needed, regardless of what else is happening on the network. The vast majority of business grade network routers will provide QoS for your network.

A firewall is critical to maintain security both within a LAN and Wide Area Network (WAN). Though firewalls are a critical component to any business network they must be configured correctly to work well with SIP trunking.

For safety, it is essential to add Enhanced 911 (E911). E911 is a feature of the 911 emergency-calling systems that places VoIP emergency callers with the appropriate resources by associating a physical address with the calling party’s telephone number.

Potential Network Issues

On occasion, a PBX with SIP Trunks may experience potential network issues such as Jitter, Latency, and Packet Loss. Jitter can occur when voice packets arrive with varying delays. This is typically caused with changes in network traffic. Latency (delay) doesn’t typically cause audio quality issues, but when the latency is over 150ms, the delay is noticeable to your users. Packet loss, the failure of one or more transmitted packets to arrive at their destination, can cause noticeable effects in all types of digital communications.

These infrequent network issues can usually be fixed by QoS, reducing the amount of traffic your network equipment is handling, and simple network tuning.


There are a lot of ways to determine that you are choosing the right product online. Take note that the process is a bit different with online shopping. You don’t hold the actual item. You only depend on photos and descriptions. Thus, you need a bit of help so you can land with the right decision. Otherwise, you will regret it.

The first thing that you can do is to seek for recommendations from friends and relatives. They will help you if they have already tried buying from a particular site. Though this is a reliable method, the problem is that your friends have not tried all sites out there. Therefore, you can only count on the ones that they have already tried.

If this does not work, then you might have to . You can first check the website and do the comparison with another website. You can compare them in terms of the product quality, brand, price, shipping fees, and other promotions. If you think one is better than the other, then you can go ahead and seal the deal. If not, the next things that you can turn to are reviews.

Reading the best product reviews

There are a lot of . Some of them are just short one-liners while others are in-depth analyses. Some of them can be very harsh while others seem nonsense. However, do not determine the reviews that matter based on its length. Take note that there are useful short comments too as they are made by real people who have tried the actual products. They are just not in the mood to make reviews. On the other hand, there are reviews that are long and are seemingly useful. However, the truth is that they are paid to make positive reviews as a way of advertising the product more. Thus, you must not fall on the trap.

No singular standard

Given those circumstances, it is really not easy to find the best product review. Therefore, the best option is to just read as many reviews as you can and check out some ratings. Then, you can make decisions based on the most common comments. For sure, if you widen your choices of reviews, then you can come up with a generalization.

For instance, if you really want to buy new jogging strollers, you can read more jogging stroller reviews at . You will then find out about the strollers and how they become appealing because of the authenticity of the reviews. For sure, after reading these reviews, you will be encouraged to buy a double jogging stroller or other products .

Effective reviews are not easy to find. However, if you just keep on reading and opening your mind to different views about the product, then you can arrive at an answer. Take note that no matter how big a task this is, you still have to go through it if this guarantees you that your money won’t be wasted.


It is good to read forum topics to learn from real people and what they can say about different products.

You might always read articles and blogs online to learn about so many things. However, you fail to realize that most of those articles are designed to entice you to buy something. Even if the products are not of great quality, the articles will easily convince you to buy one. Well, this seems risky if you just stick to those articles. Even if the articles pretend to be balanced and two sided, you just can’t pour out your trust on them. If you want genuine reviews from real people, then go for forum exchanges. There are a lot of forums dedicated for different subject matters. There are those that are designed for health and fitness. Some others are designed for politics, religion and social issues. All you have to do is to choose a forum that will give you the best possible ideas and you are good to go.

Honest reviews

The best part is that you get honest ideas from real people. They have tried those products and they can tell you what they feel about it. You will know that they are for real since they can be very candid with their reviews. It is different from other articles, which are obvious that it is about selling the product. The best part is that you can even ask them about the results and some other tips that might work for you too. For instance, if you are to ask about beauty enhancement products, you will find out that there are a lot of them that are easily the best choice for many people. The lifecell anti aging cream reviews that you can are a proof to that. A lot of people have tried these products and were really satisfied.

Be careful too

Though reading forum exchanges is a good thing, the truth is that it can also be very risky. This is true especially if there are those paid to advertise a certain product. Make sure not to fall for it. You can easily determine which the real reviews are and which one is just for the sake of advertisement. Therefore, you need to read a lot of reviews and balance things out. If you are not careful, you might end up with the wrong choice. You can also start your own thread and ask questions. By then, you can easily convince others to give their real opinion.

Giving it a try

Once you have found out the , then don’t be afraid to take the risk. As long as there are people who can back them up and you get approval from your doctor, then there is nothing to fear. For instance, if you have found a product that can guarantee you will have a flat belly forever just like , then go ahead and try it. Nothing should stop you when you think it will be for your benefit in the end. After all, everything comes with a risk.


Ever since the birth of the first net forum, Internet anonymity has been a standard to online world. Every day, people create new Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit accounts for the sole purpose of commenting as a random user. However, this freedom of speech also came with massive costs that affected people in the real world. Cyberbullying has become a and doesn’t seem to be subsiding. Inflammatory comments and even death threats have become the reason why so many people are supporting the idea of better online security. However, how much can we really take when it comes to government surveillance?

The Current Status of the NSA Leak

It’s been a couple of years since Edward Snowden went to bat and leaked quite a number of government implicating documents that showed the world how deep the NSA could go. As it stands, there are still a number of documents, which are on stand-by, but a lot of them can cause major damage to the United States and their reputation.

At the same time, there were startling revelations, which told of a bigger collaboration between governments and even ISPs. The British government was revealed to with the purpose of breaching fiber optics and capturing communications. One of the latest updates regarding the leaks even included rumors of ICREACH, which is a search engine containing the metadata from millions of intercepted content from calls and emails.

How it Will Affect Internet Anonymity

As it stands, anyone with a Facebook page, email account, and online identity have probably been subject to illegal surveillance and data theft. The frightening thing here is that this will inevitably force users with sketchier intentions into the deeper parts of the web. From there, catching those with negative intentions may become impossible because the Dark Web is un-indexed making it almost impossible to track any one user. While a majority of users will be watched, the more dangerous types will find newer and newer ways to hide from prying eyes.

The Real Problem

The Internet at large is taking positive strides when it comes to visibility. Anonymity holds almost no value in the mainstream net and people are generally keeping things clean and tidy. The real problem lies in the lengths those secret service agencies are willing to take. They collect information without method and discrimination, and that is a huge invasion of privacy. Even something as innocuous as a search for alkaline water machine reviews found at  can be collected and that ultimately seems like something the NSA doesn’t need. At the same time, users on the Internet are largely ignorant about what is happening, and could care less about how illegal these activities can get.

The Solution

There isn’t one way to deal with the issues of surveillance. On the one hand, it can be used to intercept real illegal communications, but on other, it’s aimed at the wrong crowd. Rather than preventing any crime and danger from occurring, cyber-bullying and death threats still exist.

The water ionizers reviews site has a comprehensive review of the aqua ionizer deluxe 7 is a simple statement about effective water processing products but certain government agencies don’t care. They’ll collect information regardless of how useful it really is and that in itself is a dangerous proposition.


You know a company is successful when their name becomes a verb used for doing something. In today’s world, everyone knows what “Googling” something means. Google is the biggest kid on the block and has been for some time now. However, there is a change in the air that has been happening. If we know anything about technology, it’s that just because your the big guy now, it doesn’t mean it’ll always be that way (can you say MySpace?). While it might be hard to imagine Google not being the top dog when it comes to finding things on the internet, it’s definitely a possibility. Being in the , it’s important to look at even some “what if” scenarios that could take place.

Why Could It Happen?

Any service or company could lose their market share for various reasons. In Google’s case, it may simply be the competition, or it could be that Google iron fisted ways will eventually catch up with them. You may not have seen this, but a few months ago, Mozilla released an update to their popular web browser Firefox. What you may not have noticed was in that update, it replaced the default search engine from Google to Yahoo (which uses Bing to power its search results). Overnight, this caused Google to lose almost 25% of it’s search engine market share and Internet users to clamor as to why it happened. Many believe that some of Google’s heavy handed tactics over the years are leading some to gravitate towards Bing and Yahoo as they seem to be easier to work with.

What If It Happened?

This leads many to wonder, “What would the internet search engine market look like if Google was to lose even more of it’s market share?” Many internet marketers would probably welcome the change, as Google has gone out of their way to clean up search results over the years that have left many internet marketers with more than sour grapes. If market shares began to change dramatically, then one would assume that Bing would take the same steps that Google did in working to clean up their search results, making it easier for people to find what they are actually looking for. It could be a reset to what was known as the “wild west of seo days,” when you could just rank for keywords by plastering a page with keywords. If you wanted to rank for the terms”” or “” then you would just sprinkle those keywords in a few hundred times and boom, it would rank. Personally, I would think this would be a terrible thing, as nobody wants to come across these sites again. Although, I’m sure many a marketer would welcome it, even if it was just for a short time before it was outlawed again.

Will It Happen?

I find a scenario where Google has been completely taken over by another search engine competitor unlikely at this time. However, Bing is definitely making inroads and taking away some of Google’s share over the last few years. One reason why I don’t believe Google is another MySpace is because Google strives to give the people what they want. If you’re searching for something, they want you to find it and find it fast. But that doesn’t mean that Google will be as dominate as they have been as Bing makes more and more improvements to its service. Not to mention, Bing has a rewards program where they will actually pay you to use them over Google. While Google may not be completely overtaken, It’s not hard to see a scenario where Google and Bing come close to sharing the search engine market share.