Now Hiring: Internet Cycle Junkies (New Mexico)

Cycle Junkies, with a homestead in Las Cruces, is now hiring strictly .  The small business which sells bikes, bike parts and bike repairs has been around since 2000.  The company is making an effort to drive sales through , social media and hire some administrative professionals as well. Since the company operates outside of a small office with garage attachment, they have decided in lieu of renting office space, they will hire only off the internet.  Mainly, they need website designers, social media managers, administrative assistants and cold calling salespeople.  If you think that you have a knack for any one of these jobs, do yourself a favor and head on over to their website.

If you do decide to apply for a job, it might help you to know a bit about their history.  Cycle Junkie’s CEO, Brad Wurtz, lost his friend Billy Fishman to a terrible cycling accident.  His friend was doing his usual ride at night and his tail lights burnt out, causing him to be struck by a driver who could not see him.

Since that day, Brad was changed forever and went out to build the longest lasting bicycle taillight on the market: the Billuminator.  That one product has made Mr. Wurtz’s net worth about 2 million dollars, which isn’t a bad paycheck for bicycle tail lights and probably also helped to save a lot of lives.  The Billuminator bicycle tail lights have been tested over and over again and remain on, on its highest wattage setting, for 7 hours.  That is approximately 4 hours longer than the next leading brand and excellent for long rides.  The Billuminator was also extremely innovative as it was the first bicycle light that was also charged by a USB port.

Not only is Cycle Junkies hoping to take sales to the next level on their taillight, but Mr. Wurtz has apparently created the prototype for his light technology to be built into the back of , helping again to .  Although Cycle Junkies themselves have never released a helmet of their own, it is still unclear whether or not the helmet will be of their own design, or if the light will be engineered into another brand’s helmet.  Regardless, every salesperson is sent the latest designs of all products because the board of Cycle Junkies believes the best way to sell the product is to know and use the product.  This could be an excellent opportunity for any internet professionals who are cyclists, as who knows what kind of merchandise you will be able to score!

We love to let you know who is in need of internet professionals and have built our reputation on that.  This is why we were given first-hand knowledge of the hiring happening at Cycle Junkies.  Be sure to get in touch with them as soon as possible, because they will be opening their search world-wide starting early next week.  Please get in touch and let us know if you have any leads on New Mexico based businesses hiring internet professionals.