Making A Living As An Internet Professional

You want to make money as an internet professional right?  You want passive income streams that make your life easy correct?  Well this article is focused on how to make money through the internet.

So how do you do it?  Drum roll please……..Valuable Content!

We’ll be using an example that educates people about .  This is a great example what valuable content is, and how we can leverage it to make passive income.

So what is the benefit of valuable content?

Valuable content will let your potential customers find you.  As they search the interwebs for answers to their questions, they will find your content and spend time on your little corner of the web.  It can cause readers to believe in you and strengthen your perceived expertise.  So when they see your brand in the future they are excited to read more from you.  View our example again:  to really understand how to do it.

So what is valuable about this content?  Let’s count the ways:

1. It is useful. It answers questions that the user has been asking.  This is probably the best way to get into the mindset of producing valuable content.  Think about how you can be a useful agent for your customers.  Provide information that solves their problem or points them in the right direction.  If you do this enough, you’ll actually become an authority and people will follow you!

2. It saves people money.  You’ll see that this particular content steers people away from spending money on something that isn’t always necessary.

3. Its educational.  It teaches its readers how to skip the “regular” way of doing something.  By following its advice the reader learns some tips and tricks about how not to spend unnecessary money at the mechanic.  You’ll also learn what to say to your mechanic if you actually do need to go.  And finally, you’ll learn when you absolutely DO need to take your car in and therefore save yourself potentially thousands of dollars in repairs.

Once you have valuable content you can monetize it in many different ways.  The most popular current ways it can be monetized are lead generation, ppc advertising, ppv advertising.

Lead generation means that when folks come to your website looking for services you collect their contact information and either provide the services yourself or sell the leads to those who can.

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising means selling adspace on your web page.  The advertiser only pays when someone clicks on one of the ads.  This is very popular for advertisers as they only pay when they get results.

PPV (Pay Per View) advertising means that you sell to advertisers depending on how many times someone just sees their ad.  For example if their ad is seen 1000 times, they will pay $10.

Syndication.  This means signing up for a network like or and providing valuable content to their networks.  When someone comes to your content and clicks on one of their articles you will actually get paid.  This is another reason to learn how to provide stellar content as if you get popular on these networks you can make a lot of money.

That rounds out this blog entry.  Follow our advice and you too could soon be rolling in passive income.  Thanks for following us!