Living in Silicon Valley

I moved to San Francisco two years ago for a job in a huge software company located right across from the famous Google campus. Living in the technological hub certainly had it’s benefits. I got to rub shoulders with some of the most famous people in the industry and learned a lot from them. It also opened a vast array of career opportunities that were not available to me when I was living in Oklahoma.

During my second year here, I got into small car accident. Somebody bumped in my car from behind and gave me a nasty whiplash injury. I rested for first few days hoping that the pain would go away, but the pain actually got worse as time passed. I went to a doctor for a consultation and found out that injuries like these sometimes took several months to heal. He also recommended to talk to the insurance company to find out details about getting compensation for whiplash injuries. I looked up several online to see what kinds of different options were available and decided to talk to a lawyer first.

Finding the for claiming whiplash compensation can get tricky sometimes. Most lawyers are ambulance chasers looking to make a buck using any way possible. I wanted somebody who would just get me the money that I was eligible for and didn’t promise settlements in millions. After a lot of research I did find an awesome lawyer who helped me get compensated for the loss I incurred during the troubled time.

Now that my pain has gone away, I am starting to focus one more time on getting back in the technology scene. I have just started working towards my certification for Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional. Getting the MVP is a coveted award only given to a few hundred each year and I am learning to become an expert in Microsoft’s new Azure cloud platform. In order to learn more about the Azure platform, I am taking classes from the famous Mark Sullivan. The classes take place twice a week over a skype call. So far, they’ve been going really well and I’m looking forward to getting the certification.

One more benefit of living in San Francisco is the amazing events you can attend. Just last week, I went to Apple developer conference where they unveiled the new Apple watch. I wish I could have seen Steve Jobs live in one of these events, but I guess I’ll have to make do with Tim Cooks for now. Apart from Apple’s events, there was a recent conference by Facebook and Google. I couldn’t get invitations to these events, but I’m slowly making friends in the right places so that I could attend more and more events in the coming years. The weather is amazing all year round and It’s just hard to imagine life anywhere else now. Hopefully the next few years will allow me to rise among the ranks of these amazing tech companies and continue to delve deeper into the technology industry.