How to Find Growing Markets for Big Online Opportunities

The internet marketing sphere becoming more and more saturated each and every day. Because of this we as online markers are having to become more and more savvy when choosing our niches and markets.

The glory days of easy markets and steep earnings with minimal work are over.

One thing is for sure; we have to hustle.

It’s no longer enough to throw up a basic WordPress install and hire a few writers from oversees to write 15 articles for you. You can’t just throw up 15 mediocre – or even good – pieces of content these days and expect to succeed.

No, simply having “good” content is no longer enough. Our content needs to be great. And so does our content marketing.

But this post won’t be covering those topics in depth. Instead I’ll be discussing another (equally) important task for today’s internet marketer – choosing the right niche.

Even if you do everything else right – you’ve created some great content and have established a rock solid content marketing strategy – all of your efforts could be for naught.

That’s because some markets have gone beyond their saturation point. They aren’t just well covered, they are boiling over. They are overfilled with highly qualified industry experts that have deep enough pockets to hire the best content marketers in the industry.

Some battles are best left for others to fight.

What can you do then? The obvious answer is to choose a great niche.

And that’s what we’re all after.

3 Ways to Spot Growing Markets That Offer Big Opportunity

To find a suitable niche you want a look for a market that is a.) not over saturated with content and b.) Is not showing a huge decline in interest and is ideally a growing market.

Below are a few methods to find growing markets.

We’ll focus on researching the aromatherapy and essential oil market, which happens to fit a lot of the criteria that I’ve discussed so far.

Google Trends

The Google Trends tool is a simple and effective way to analyze a market for growth.

You can browse the front page of to discover markets that are featured right now, or explore and do some digging of your own.

The image above is a graph from Google Trends analyzing the search term “essential oils” which shows a clear spike in interest over the past couple of years.

Keyword Research

Once you’ve found a potential niche you should analyze many of the keywords in that niche. There are a variety of tools to do this such as the MOZ Keyword Difficulty Tool and SEMrush.

To find more keywords there is a handy website simply called that you can input a seed keyword and they will give you dozens of related keywords that are being searched daily.

Competitor Research

Now that you’ve found some keywords, Google them.

To continue with our essential oil example we’ll do a quick search in that niche. Using we’ve found the term “essential oils for sinus infections” which according to SEMrush gets 1,600 searches a month. After Googling the term I found “5 essential oils Based Remedies for Sinus Infections” near the top of the results.

Next I plugged which I found this post on into Moz’s Open Site Explorer to analyze it’s authority

The results were both surprising and reassuring. This site which is ranking high for this essential oil based term must be very new and has little to no authority credited to it yet.

This niche is looking pretty promising so far. I’d recommend doing many more similar tests before you decided to create a website in this space though.


There you have it. A few ways to boost your niche research. Happy hunting!

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