How To Establish Trust On Your About Us Page

Hi guys I’ve just been spending tons of time with some local business clients’ ‘About Us’ pages and thought I’d come here to show some thoughts and common issues I saw. We all know that the about page is one of the most important pages to establish trust and get the customer to take action so it is alarming to not only see the number of local businesses without these pages but also to see just how bad some are.

For example, we saw a local accountant that had an about us page that was nothing more than a phone number, address and small photo of a Google Map location. Another example is of a local dentist who had an about us page that was nothing more than 3 photos of the dental office and their phone number to make an appointment. These are just two examples of unacceptable about us pages. People search for these services online and they will never hire someone with this type of about page.

What do you think is required on an about page? Here’s what I think is the perfect setup of an about page to establish trust and get the sale.

Affiliate Yourself With Industry Experts

I have a client who runs and so I’d like to use their about page as an example of what we did to help them. Sound good?

Okay so first off you can find the and open it up in a separate window to follow along.

So how did we help them affiliate with industry experts? First thing to figure out who are the industry experts. With this industry – pressure washers – they are the brands like Briggs and Stratton and Karcher. So we immediately knew it was going to be hard to get any sort of mention from them on their website so we went for Facebook and Twitter. We noticed was quite active so we simply started talking to them on Twitter and got them to retweet a tweet. This interaction enabled to say we have been shared by Briggs and Stratton on social media. Then we did the same with Karcher. Perfect! Now we can truthfully affiliate PressureWashr with the big brands.

State How Your Website Will Help The Reader

Next thing to make sure is on an about page is how your site intends to solve the user’s problem. So for our pressure washer buying guide website it would be: to help you find your pressure washer quickly. Usually you’ll want to put this part at the very beginning so the user knows your website is the correct site for them.

Direct The Reader To Your Top Pages

At some point on your about page you want to steer the reader to the best pages on your website. This allows them an easy next step. You could put this as a call to action at the bottom of the page or after you tell them how your website will help them.

Talk About Yourself And Why The Reader Should Care

Most people think this section is the only section of an about page. Yes, a person would like to know who you are but they also want to know how you will help them and that your site is to be trusted. When talking about yourself be sure to show credibility. PressureWashr does this by stating the writer is a mechanical engineer and has experience designing pressure washers. This is good but I also think they should had some exact figures like: spent 7 years designing $200,000 industrial pressure washers with 10 GPM and 10,000 PSI for use in the mining industry…. or something like that. .

Add Social Proof And A Call To Action At The Bottom

Social proof is huge because people always trust sites that other people trust. If your local news keep quoting the NY Times then you’ll probably trust NY Times in the future. Same thing for your website. Try to show readers that you have 100s of comments, 100s of Twitter followers, 100s of ‘Likes’ on Facebook and so on. Find a way to get people to say something about your website and then include it as a testimonial. Use your analytics to tell people how many different countries have visited your website. You get the idea?

So yeah, that’s some of the advice I can give on making a better about page. What do you think? Do you agree?