How to Build Solid Affiliate Income With Great Content and Micro-Niches

Today’s Marketing World and the Need for Great Content

There’s a lot of things shifting in today’s online marketing world.

For one, more and more people are trying to make money off of the internet. And because of this many niche’s are becoming more and more competitive.

Gone are the days of throwing up a site in a random market, ranking outsourced sub-par content and adding affiliate links.

Since the internet is so crowded with in depth information on topics you just can’t afford to go the easy route much longer – if at all.

To truly succeed in the SERPS and in internet marketing in general you’ll need to be able to create rock solid, easily digested content that satisfies readers and doesn’t leave them wanting for more.

That is the way to rank in the internet today – and no black hat back linking strategies will allow you to avoid this.

You truly need to have the best content available on your topic if you want lasting success.

And not just the best out there by a narrow margin – it needs to be so good that you’ll scare your current and even future competitors from attempting to improve upon or create new content in your niche.

If you write content that’s great but only a small amount better than your current competitors then you risk being surpassed.

So don’t be complacent with your content creation – make it unsurpassably amazing.

Choosing a Great Topic

Next, what will you write this great content about?

There’s a whole lot of topics out there on the web, but sadly a great deal of the most profitable topics are covered.

But not just covered – completely and thoroughly dissected, mastered and disseminated.

Not only are these topics thoroughly written about online, but many are backed by highly authoritative sites.

What should you do then?

The trick is to find sub-topics in a larger market and inspect how how good the content is about that sub-topic as a whole. In a little bit we’ll use a health sub-topic as an example.

If you can find a sub-topic that isn’t thoroughly covered than you can probably make a website specifically about that topic and cover it very thoroughly.

And while the main keywords for that topic – the few that get the most SERP searches – will likely remain dominated by the big websites, you’ll be able to rank for a bunch of long tail keywords because of your thorough coverage of the topic.

You can monopolize on this by writing long list posts that address literally all of the concerns a searcher could have about that topic.

Niche it Down

An example:

The skin condition scabies has been around for a long time. And the big health sites like the and the have done a decent job of covering the topic.

But there is apparently a lot more information about the topic, because numerous forums and a smaller website this scabies condition and getting good traffic. The website did a good job of adding a huge list post – – that they can do to get rid of scabies.

This is just one example of a niche that is covered by the big boys but can be a worth creating thorough and great content for. But there are countless more out there. You’ll just have to do some digging to find them.

Are there any more possible niches that immediately pop in your mind? Maybe you had to deal with a health condition or any challenge for that matter and been unsatisfied by the major websites coverage of the topic.

Let us know in the comments!