Great Team Building Activities for IT Workers

Nobody wants to be the new guy especially if it involves working in an IT firm. You would be anxious of not knowing what to expect and the nerve-racking moment that would make you wonder whether you’d get along with everyone. You’d also want to ensure you do your job or responsibilities well enough to be with the firm for the long term. Being an IT newbie brings in a lot of pressure.

If you’re a boss of an IT firm and you want to make your IT newcomers feel welcome, you can set up team building activities not only to introduce workers to each other, but to also encourage new employees to be acclimated to a group. One of the best ways that we have found to have workers get to know each other is by playing team sports. One of my friends Mark, who runs says that many companies form paintball teams and have groups face off against each other, or the occasionally compete against teams from other companies that do web work

To address communication and morale in the workplace, here are some team building activities to make introductions a little easier:

Arranging a Field Trip

Sometimes, the best approach to get your workers to know each other is to let them interact freely without any formal arrangements. You can set up an annual field trip paired with food, games, and prizes. Depending on how much time you have for the trip, go offsite and encourage your employees to get to know each other outside the confines of their office.

Teaming up with Non-Profit Groups

Collaborating for a cause that your employees care about is a perfect way for them to bond. You can facilitate volunteer events with non-profit groups your employees want. These activities create opportunities to do something passionate and meaningful for others while breaking off from the usual IT work routine.

A good approach to start this process is to get your employees to decide as a group and the kind of volunteer activity they prefer taking part in. Consider the suggestions of your employees and get them to vote on which activity they want to do. This gives you the chance to learn more about what your employees care about before kicking things off.

These types of events can typically be used as a fundraiser for the non profit that you team up with. Mark said many people do things like tournaments for example, and offer a small prize to the winner with the rest going to chairity. You may depending on the type of activity you pick, but they are almost always well received.
Professional Development Gathering

Growth and learning are essential aspects to the success of your new and experienced employees. They don’t have to be done individually. Get your employees to take part in a professional activity together and utilize it to encourage collaboration. You may want to invite an industry leader or board member to make a presentation, or an executive from another firm who can give professional insights and advice.

Show and Tell

It may appear like a flashback back to your child days, but when carried out properly, show and tell can be a fun activity for your employees to learn more about each other. Have them bring in something that gives a reflection of themselves. This can be anything from a delicious dish to a newspaper clipping to a treasured photo. Set several minutes aside to go around and have everyone share the things they brought. It’s low-pressure and swift approach for employees to know about each other without doing any heavy lifting.

Leading an engaging team building activity for your new IT workers doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be a fun if you insert some creativity to your plans. Your IT workers will definitely appreciate a break from their daily work, help get to know each other, and leave with energy, positive attitude, and an upbeat attitude.