Fitness Tips for Internet Professionals

In this day and age, we have the world at our fingertips. Technology has brought us to the point that we can accomplish astounding amounts of work without even leaving the comfort of home. Countless companies employ workers who spend their 8 hour days sitting at a desk, staring at a computer. Obviously, this sedentary lifestyle can lead to many issues. Obesity rates in the first world have soared in the last 30 years

Sitting for any extended period of time can lead to serious issues. Your body is not made for this level of inactivity. Additionally, if you are like millions of other people and exhibit , this can only increase your problems. On the extreme end, we are looking at poorer mental health, higher risk for heart disease, and a higher risk of obesity. Standing desks is one way to combat this, if your company allows it. If you must sit during an entire normal work day, indicate that you should at least stand and get your blood flowing every 30 minutes.

Sitting all day can also affect your dietary choices. Prolonged sitting can lead to weight gain from increased appetites and lowered energy output. Keep your choices healthy and practical. As always, lean meats and plenty of fruits and vegetables is always going to be your safe bet.

Consider fitting some into your standing breaks. There are so many stationary exercises you can do from your desk. Getting creative is essential in this case. The following are some ideas to get you started.

Chair Squats:

Lower yourself as if you are going to sit in your chair. Just as you are about to hit the seat, come back to a standing position. Remember good form and do not use your hands to support yourself.

Push ups:

Pushups don’t have to be boring. Consider placing your feet on the wall or in your chair. Or vary the distances between your hands for wide-armed, standard, and close-hand pushups in order to target different muscles. Try a pushup using only one leg or attempt to master the dive pushup. Keep it fun and they will stay interesting.


You can use the assistance of your chair or desk in this case. Turn away from your desk, placing your palms down flat. With your legs stretched out before you, place your weight on your arms and bend your arms to dip down. Press back up and you have completed a rep.


Just your standard lunge– just make sure you have the room to do it! Alternate legs and feel the burn.

Situps and Crunches:

Like the pushups, these can be varied to target different areas of your core. Twist to target your obliques, pause when you’re only halfway up, throw in a few leg lifts. The possibilities are endless.

When you’re out of the office, make time to get a solid workout in. Swap your button-up for a t-shirt. Kick off your loafers and change into a proper pair of fitness shoes – . And when it comes to footwear, everything from your weight to your feet to your experience level can change what would be considered the “proper running shoe” for you. As always, take care to research .

In the meantime, don’t fear the desk job. There is an incredible amount of support for the fact that sitting all day is bad for you. Times are changing, albeit slowly, and sometimes we have to adapt in order to overcome before our bosses catch up. Be an advocate for your own health and that of your coworkers. Speak out to make changes and in the meantime, keep your self up and moving.