Selling Products Typically Avoided Online

Over the years, users of the Internet have been exposed to a multitude of things that attract or repel them. Interesting content certainly attract Internet users while ads tend to solicit the opposite reaction. Ads for products like diet pills, in particular, are instinctively avoided by most of the more experienced web users. Even those who could actually make use of diet pills don’t react positively to the ads for these products.

For someone selling products online, how is this issue addressed? What are the things that need to be done? The following pointers should help.

Link Injection

One of the most effective ways of selling a generally undesired product is through subtle suggestions presented as links within blog posts, articles, or PR-like materials published online. When injected in a relatively useful and informative article, a product often disregarded because of the idea that it is useless or a scam can be noticed. People will consider clicking on the link even just for the sake of curiosity. A banner that sells or hcg injection kit, for example, will easily be ignored compared to having it as a link within an article.

Social Media Marketing

By now, social media marketing has already become commonplace. However, it remains effective in at least raising product awareness. Social media users rarely use ad blockers and in most cases they are the ones more easily swayed by marketing campaigns. Compared to plain banner or text link advertising, social media marketing can more effectively bring a product to more people’s awareness. You can make use of all your social media options or you can just focus on one that is .

Viral Marketing

Associate your product with viral media or content and you can be sure that your target audience will not easily ignore your product. Advertising or hcg diet pills, for example, using a viral video of an irresistibly funny prank is bound to reach more audiences and create greater impact. The good thing about viral marketing is that it can cross boundaries. It can be spread by bloggers, shared on social media, and even be on the news and freely aired on TV. Moreover, many viral videos or photos tend to be evergreen. They will stay online and remain interesting or entertaining even after many years.

All of these, however, do not mean that you can just sell whatever you like and succeed in doing it as long as you pick the right marketing method. It’s important to emphasize that the quality and relevance of the product being sold greatly matter. Don’t expect to sell trash simply because you successfully launched a viral video related to it. You still have to have a good and quality product first. While the Internet is mired by all kinds of useless things, it’s not right to do what every other unscrupulous marketer does. You have to do it the legit way.